McArthur Skin Care Products



We all know how much I love a good natural skincare regimen which is why I’m happy to share my current love, McArthur Skin Care. I was sent these products a couple of months ago now but I wanted to put them to the test fully before giving my opinion. There have been a number of times I have used a product a few times and thought it was great only to find out later on that it’s breaking me out or too drying my skin.

McArthur Skincare use PawPaw Extract in all of their skin, body and haircare products due to it’s high levels of vitamins A, E & C, antioxidants and enzymes that promote skin renewal and rejuvenation. You won’t find any Parabens, Petrochemicals or Sulphates in any of these delightful products.

Well it’s safe to say the McArthur Foaming Cleanser is a complete hit, I’ve literally used it all up and am about to purchase another to replace it. It has been the best at removing my mascara and makeup and the end of the day and hasn’t left me feeling tight and stripped of all the natural goodness in my skin.

I follow my cleanse each day with the Hydrating Facial Cream, this is a nice thick product that melts into your skin but it doesn’t feel greasy.  I like to apply a layer before bed at night so it works into my skin while I’m asleep, I always wake up with a nice glow and hydrated feeling which makes makeup application so much easier. Having a decent moisturiser in your routine honestly makes all the difference.

I received a box of the Complete Skin Care Soap in my little pack of goodies, I’m not usually a bar of soap kind of gal but none the less I still tried it out. It doesn’t have as much of a lather to it like I’m used to with my body wash but I still felt nice and clean afterwards. Having dabbled in the soap making process myself I know how hard it can be to produce a quality bar that retains all of the natural benefits. This one feels hydrating and smooth on the skin which of course is what you want in a soap.

Last but not least is the Complete Skincare Cream, this has been a saviour now that it is getting colder and my skin has been a tad dry. I love using this after a nice warm shower and letting it soak into my skin especially on dry areas such as elbows, knees and heels. Like the facial moisturiser it’s nice and thick so it feels really hydrating,  it has 60% pawpaw extract which is a high concentration so a little bit definitely goes a long way. I’ve barely even made a dent in it to be honest!

McArthur Skincare have such a wide range of skin, body and hare care products. They even have a therapeutic range which contains active natural ingredients to help aid various skin conditions and aches and pains. Having sensitive skin and suffering from Eczema during the cooler months I’ll defiantly have to check out the Eczema Cream, it sounds like it will be perfect to aid and sooth irritated areas.

You can check out the McArthur Skincare products online at

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